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A Blog To Guide And Inspire The Younger Generations To Appreciate The Wonders of Ancient Oriental Works Of Art.

Born and raised in Penang Island, a major UNESCO historical straits settlement site, we grew up in an environment where culture plays a major role in our asian upbringing.


In our early days of growing up, our elders often collect and hoard all sorts of oriental Chinese and Baba Nyonya Peranakan works of art such as porcelains, sculptures, furnitures, art pieces and so on, but we never really understood them. Some of them were even preciously smuggled all the way from China during the escape from the rule the Chinese Communist and Cultural Revolution. My grandfather even had to swallow his jades to hide it from the Communists only to excrete it back out once they've gotten to safer zones. It was a rule by the Communist Party to destroy all cultural evidence and values from the people to brainwash and re-create a new order to only worship the Communist Rule, their leaders and their visions at that time.

Only in our adulthood that we start to realise that these items are more than just status symbols, props and decors in our households, as they are our tiny links and pieces of puzzles to guide us back to our roots and also as a memorabilia of how the elders suffered a vicious terror to give many of us the comfort that we have today.

On top of that, the different designs and motifs of the antiques tell a lot of stories on what life was like during the olden days such as the culture, the way people think during those specific periods, their beliefs and so on. The Chinese Tycoons are also aggressively auctioning and buying back whatever Chinese Antiques and Art that they can grab hold of from all over the world now. This shows that there's more to appreciate than what meets the eye.

That being said, there's more reasons to love the stories and adventures behind collecting oriental antiques due to the long history and heritage behind these wonders, and most people also enjoy displaying them at home to share and appreciate the inspiring meanings that represents the collectors views and personality. Some people also use them as a representation of their status and intellect. Nonetheless, it never fails to make a good and exciting topic for a house tour as well!

The Hoarders.


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